Aspect Led Microsoft Experience Center

Aspect Led Microsoft Experience Center
A Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) session is a hands-on opportunity to experience powerful new productivity solutions.

A MEC session is not a generic demo. It is a true-to-life user experience that takes you through common work-related scenarios. These include: working remotely, leveraging social networking to locate expertise and share information, and connecting in real time with coworkers and customers. A MEC session also gives you a first-hand look at the fast and fluid experience of Windows 8 and the exciting features of the new Office across a variety of devices.    

Why should you come to a MEC session?
Participating in a MEC session is the best way to learn about business productivity tools and technologies without sales pressure. Sessions are led by a trained facilitator and are designed to be interactive, experiential, and fun. Attend a MEC session and explore how Windows 8 and the new Office can help you take business productivity to the next level.

Aspect has trained facilitators in Commercial, Health and Education Experience Centers.  Connect today to discuss how to bring the experience to your facility.   

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