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Effectively Monitor Your Social Channels and Hear Your Customers with Dynamics Listening

Social Listening is a part of the recent wave of releases in Dynamics CRM and it’s available now to qualified CRM users. With any social listening tool, it’s the “Listening” Strategy that matters most. Without a proper social listening and engagement strategy you don’t get the value out of Dynamics Listening. The right posts won’t be "heard.” The wrong (irrelevant) posts will be heard too much. You won’t be able to respond effectively or get a true understanding of your customers. The social conversation changes every day and every minute and that means you need a diligent and adaptable approach. As a customer care company with dedicated Social and CRM consulting resources, Aspect can help you turn on Dynamics Listening the right way.

Establishing an Effective Social Customer Experience Strategy Across Your Organization for Real Business Results

In this webinar, we discuss how the key tenets for a winning, comprehensive, company-wide social customer service strategy align social goals with overall company goals and objectives, create a social marketing plan and publish great content, develop a social communication plan, organize the right staff to represent your brand voice, empower and embrace your social influencers, and leverage the right social technologies for your organization.

Improve Communication Before, During and After Mergers & Acquisitions

Aspect discusses the advantages of leveraging the latest Microsoft technology which could help your organization now and in the future.

Contact Center Collaboration and Communication Portal Demonstration

Aspect is leading the Relationship Revolution by eating our own dog food - using Lync, SharePoint and Aspect Applications Foundation for a better customer support. Just like you our Contact Center wrestles with data from other resources like oracle Amdocs and other systems. We also have agents and contact centers distributed across the globe including remote agent. Levering our investments in Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Lync and our Microsoft services capabilities we created a SharePoint base common portal for collaboration and analytics bringing data and people together in ways never before possible.

Lync in Healthcare Webinar

Learn how Baptist Memorial Health Care used Microsoft Lync to transform communication and collaboration. They will discuss their Unified Communication journey from Microsoft LCS to Microsoft Lync.

How to Effectively Migrate an iOS App to Windows 8

Apps are the heart of Windows 8. From the moment you turn it on you'll have a set of built-in apps that integrate with the services you already have, for the things you do most: email, calendaring, social networking, and sharing photos.

Join Aspect as we discuss how to leverage the apps you already have built on the iOS platform and migrate them to Windows 8.

Windows 8 Quick Start

Windows 8 has been reimagined from the technology inside to the user experience you interact with on your device. It's built for business – more secure, enabling more productivity, and provides a great experience across all of the hardware you use. Touch, or mouse and keyboard.

Join Aspect to learn the Windows 8 application design principles, and gain a high-level understanding of the application development process from the first steps to deploying in the Microsoft Store.

Extend Your Marketing Reach and Communication with Microsoft SharePoint

In this webcast, we will discuss how Microsoft SharePoint can be used for digital marketing purposes on public sites and other interactive media. If you are not familiar with SharePoint technology outside the firewall or how you can use it to reach your customers, watch this webcast to see how others use SharePoint as a single platform to extend marketing reach and communication with external stakeholders.

Get the Most from Microsoft Lync: Transforming your Small Contact or Helpdesk into a Strategic Weapon

Now you can put your investment in Microsoft Lync to work for you in your contact center environment, to help you unlock productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Effectively and Easily Manage Your Public Website with Microsoft SharePoint

In this webinar, we will discuss how businesses and organizations are using Microsoft SharePoint to manage content and messaging for their public website(s). Whether it's 2007 or 2010, public web sites on SharePoint can be architected and built enabling business users and non-technical resources to manage their site content effectively and easily.

This webinar is ideal for organizations that are currently using SharePoint and/or are considering a migration to SharePoint.

Get More Value from SharePoint with Collaborative Project Management

Many organizations have done the initial deployment of SharePoint, after that there is often the "What do we do next?" question. How do you get more productivity out of SharePoint? You can start getting more value right away with Project Management. Out of the box, SharePoint 2010 has a feature set that can be used for projects of various types and sizes. It can also synchronize with Microsoft Project Pro 2010 to go beyond the desktop. Extend SharePoint with Aspect partner BrightWork to manage work, individual projects and portfolios of projects. Take Project Management to new levels with BrightWork leveraging powerful KPIs, dashboards, resource management and Project Request Management.

SharePoint and Contract Automation Suite

In the business world, contracts are a daily part of life and it is essential that those documents are able to move easily from one step to the next. Aspect along with Nintex, Adlib and ARX work together as a comprehensive and automated Contract Automation Suite to manage and monitor the contract process within SharePoint 2010 effortlessly from start to finish. During this webinar you will see how SharePoint 2010 along Contract Automation Suite can be used to manage the contract throughout its lifecycle.

Patient Centered Healthcare

Learn how analyzing and transforming health data from multiple sources can give you actionable business intelligence for better results.

Best in Class SharePoint Solutions

Using Microsoft SharePoint to its full potential is a smart move and maximizes the investments you have already made. Aspect's partnerships with leading providers of value-added SharePoint extension solutions help you to take full advantage of SharePoint collaboration and reach your organization goals.

The 2.0 World: Life as a Next Generation Information Worker - Outside the Box with Lync
Once you have discovered unified communications with Microsoft Lync, a world of possibilities opens up. This webinar demonstrates of how Lync along with Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM can change the way you do business.

Aspect and Brightwork - SharePoint Project Management Webinar
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has a template for managing a project and also has a list that synchronizes with Microsoft Project, so it is clear the SharePoint team is encouraging us to use SharePoint to manage work and projects. Éamonn McGuiness of Brightwork shows you how in this demonstration-style webinar.

Aspect Education - Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)
Join Aspect Software to explore a powerful Statewide Longitudinal Data System built on a Microsoft Platform. This system can help administrators, principals, and teachers make meaningful, real-time decisions for student success. Using the analytics tools of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft SQL Server, your entire institution can easily generate and display reports using familiar Microsoft Office tools. With access to relevant data from multiple sources, everyone from your superintendent to classroom teachers can make better decisions by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

Aspect SharePoint Webinar - Aspect-DLA
Aspect-DLA is more than a solution... it is a process. A process for moving organizations from antiquated WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") applications to open and customized SharePoint platform based solutions that incorporate techniques that will help them spot inefficiencies in current business processes with the metrics that make sense.

Benefits of the Top 10 Social Features of SharePoint 2010
Learn about Sharepoint 2010's social features by joining Ted Perrotte - Aspect's Sharepoint National Practice Manager - and Jeremy Davis from NewsGator. These presenters show how Social Sites 2010, combined with SharePoint 2010, provides an integrated and secure enterprise social computing solution for employees within their firewall and existing workflow.

Building an Enterprise Mobile Strategy
What does your SharePoint site look like on a three-inch screen? With a mobile web that's attracting more website visitors than ever, ensuring that your content is both elegant and accessible on the mobile platform is an imperative element of success you should not overlook.

Do More with SharePoint - Enterprise Workflow
Aspect Software, a Nintex partner, demonstrates how the Nintex Workflow 2010 solution extends SharePoint 2010 and Azure to enable organizations to build complex workflow processes quickly and easily using a web browser interface. This presentation shows:

  • Show how, when used in conjunction with an enterprise content management implementation, workflow empowers users across the organizations to automate business processes, review workflow activities and automate common SharePoint administrative tasks
  • Highlight the new functionality including enhanced integration with both Office Communications Server 2007 and Lync Server 2010 to detect presence, conduct interactive conversations and send instant messages
  • Demonstrate project workflow actions that bring the leading workflow design experience of Nintex Workflow to the Microsoft Project Server 2010 platform

Conclude with a demonstration of the latest developments of Nintex Live, a range of online workflow services that are running in the cloud on Azure.

Exposing the Power of Excel as a Collaborative Business Intelligence Tool
The most widely used Business Intelligence tool is the spreadsheet. Nearly everyone in the corporate world has Microsoft Excel loaded on their computer or laptop. User skills vary from simple spreadsheet tracking to creating pivot tables and macros. Let's face it: Microsoft Excel is not going away anytime soon. So let's embrace Excel as a Business Intelligence tool since SharePoint 2010 has a tighter interface with Excel that allows users to:

  • Work on the same spreadsheet at the same time
  • Build rich reports and data models
  • Save spreadsheets to a web interface (SharePoint) that can change values, calculate formulas and retrieve information without having Excel 2010 installed on the client machine

Embed Excel details into dashboards and other mixed content

Improving and Extending Alumni Management and Fundraising with StratusLIVE and Aspect CommunityOne
Donor relationship management and fundraising are the lifeblood of most academic institutions. In an environment of decreased endowment value and reduced donor capacity for giving, it is critical yet challenging, to attract their continued support. You need to get the right message, to the right donor, at the right time, via the right marketing channel, every time.

Integrating SharePoint and CRM into a Key Line-of-Business Application
If you're like other organizations, you have spent countless hours and dollars making your customer relationship management tool and SharePoint portal beneficial for your entire organization. The key success metric for any business application is user adoption. The more you empower employees to work in environments where they feel most comfortable, the better results for your organization. Attend this complimentary webinar to witness how leading organizations are generating business productivity and increasing user adoption by integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with SharePoint.

Proven Strategies and Best Practices for Migrating to SharePoint 2010
Migrating or upgrading from a previous SharePoint platform, including Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007, requires advanced strategy, foresight and planning. Watch this complimentary webinar to learn how to identify customizations, what you should know before beginning the upgrade, and how to successfully upgrade your portal.

Strategies and Best Practices for Taking Your Website Mobile
Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers, are quickly becoming the number one medium consumers are using to access the internet. Join Aspect and learn how to create a strategy for building a successful mobile site.

The 2.0 World: Life as a Next-Generation Information Worker - Communication in the 2.0 World
Discover unified communications with Microsoft Lync, and how it can enable you to easily connect with voice, presence, instant messaging and conferencing, save money and increase productivity.

The 2.0 World: Life as a Next-Generation Information Worker - Mobile Collaboration in the 2.0 World
Utilize collaboration technologies on the go:

  • Identify mobile use case and display the information people need on the go with mobile SharePoint websites
  • Review, edit, and upload documents with Office 365 tools on windows phone

Custom mobile applications built on windows phone that consume data from the cloud

Understanding What is New and Improved in SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 is coming! SharePoint 2010 delivers on the promises to bring many new capabilities to organizations and will be Microsoft's biggest release of SharePoint. With the public beta recently made available and the final product release only months away (first half of 2010), now is a great time to start learning the many new capabilities coming in SharePoint 2010.

Using Real-Time Analytics to Manage Emergency Department Patient Throughput
Across the country, Emergency Department use has increased, which can create quality and safety issues. St. Joseph Health System needed a way to compile data and use it to track the patient flow through the department. The implemented solution highlights bottlenecks and opportunities within a given workflow, tracking patients in real-time, which allows nurse managers to immediately understand where issues are and assign resources to handle each situation. The visibility into workflow is keeping patients safe and receiving the proper medical attention with real time analysis of patient throughput so that immediate and projected bottlenecks can be addressed.

Using SharePoint to Build Public Facing Web Sites
Your organization's web site is the critical component that ties your marketing programs together providing the most cost effective opportunity to reach new customers, drive revenue and build stronger customer relationships. Built-in features for web content management, social computing, and search, makes expanding your SharePoint strategy to incorporate your web presence easy and natural.

Using SharePoint to Deploy a Social Computing Strategy
Aspect, the leader in innovative SharePoint solutions, is teaming with NewsGator to demonstrate a proven social networking tool designed exclusively for SharePoint.

Using SharePoint to Streamline Policies and Procedures
Aspect's Policy and Procedure solution leverages the power of Microsoft SharePoint to standardize, manage, store, archive, and present Policy and Procedure documents. The central, easy-to-use portal-based platform organizes structured and un-structured information so employees, business processes, data, and technology are better aligned, reducing costs and increasing productivity. The solution allows any organization, in any industry, to rapidly deploy a custom document management solution complete with robust automated workflows, search, retrieval and tracking functions to meet immediate and long term business requirements.

Using SharePoint's Electronic Forms Capabilities to Automate Business Processes
Does your company suffer from labor-intensive business processes or work redundancies? Do you want to streamline your business processes using a single collaborative tool?

Using Silverlight to Develop Windows Phone 7 Applications
Is your organization currently building or thinking about creating business applications for hand-held mobile devices? The new Windows Phone 7 device is expected to have a fairly robust application store available in October since developers have already downloaded more than 300,000 copies of the beta developer tools. Hear about:

  • Creating application templates using Expression Blend and Visual Studio
  • Enhancing your applications using controls and styling
  • Adding sample data to applications
  • Testing applications using the Windows Phone 7 emulator
  • Retrieving data from an OData Service

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