Enterprise Solutions for Contact Center

“Moving away from our manual dialer process has generated a great deal of cost savings and efficiency across our call center operations. Aspect’s solution gave Client Services all of the components crucial to achieving our vision for enhanced automation, greater insight and improved business results while keeping costs down.”

Mont Little CIO, Client Services

Our Approach to the Contact Center

Aspect has over 40 years’ of experience delivering exceptional software solutions for the contact center.  Along with the deployment of our own software, Aspect’s Contact Center Services team offers services to integrate with other systems across the organizations to deliver an omni-channel experience.    

Aspect’s Enterprise Services Team is ready to engage to today with initiatives including:

  • Business Intelligence and Big Data Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social and Collaboration solutions
  • Unified Communication Strategies
  • Mobile Strategy and Design
  • Website Strategy and Design
  • Customer Experience and Contact Center Solutions 

key capabilities

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience:  Provide harmonious customer care across any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web, and social channels, allowing customers to seamlessly move from, say, a self-service check on a credit card statement to a live agent call in order to dispute a certain charge.
  • Proactive Customer Care:  Send out alerts when certain thresholds or timelines are reached, such as when credit card limits are exceeded or payments are coming – or are past – due. 
  • Mobile Self-Service:  Allow customers to inquire about checking account balances and then facilitate transferring funds from savings to checking if desired – all as part of single interaction.
  • Intelligent Routing:  Make sure incoming service inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on type of customer (for example, banking products used or status of a currently open issue/inquiry).
  • Social Engagement:  Productively engage with consumers when complaints start to ground-swell around a service issue such as credit card fees (yours or a competitor’s) so you can exploit the opportunity to retain and/or attract customers.
  • Security:  Secure automated credit card transactions with dynamically generated security questions or reduce fraud related to account access using voice biometrics.
  • Workforce Management:  Make the best use of staff resources across the organization through innovative programs such as enlisting bank tellers when needed to handle certain service inquiries coming through contact center channels like email, text, IM and chat.
  • Seamless Data Access:  Personalize the customer experience by informing every interaction with data from enterprise databases and systems. For example, tailor content based upon credit card sliver/gold/platinum status.
  • Customer Analytics:  Capture 100% of customer speech and text interactions,giving agents a complete history to draw upon when making decisions such as offering a special home equity loan interest rate.
  • Data Integrity:  Ensure the integrity of cardholder data in on-premise, hosted IVR, SMS and mobile web applications.
  • Agent Coaching:  Benefit from monitoring calls in real time for certain pre-defined spoken or omitted phrases that conform to a business rule or regulation so supervisors can intervene as warranted.
  • Back Office:  Enable customers to quickly check on the status of an existing credit or loan application. Use outbound to proactively push updates to customers.
  • Deployment Options:  Keep sensitive card member or account holder information right where you want it, including on-premise or private, dedicated hosting.

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