Enterprise CRM Services

“With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we gained the flexibility and ease-of-use that we needed to ensure adoption and establish a central source of constituent information.”

Ellen Rostand, Assistant Dean for Communications, Brown School

Our approach to Relationship Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Successfully deploying and integrating CRM into your business is more of a journey than a destination. Organizations of all sizes go through three basic phases as they their use of CRM matures. 

  1. Manual CRM
  2. Glorified Rolodex
  3. Integrated Business Process CRM

Aspect has worked with clients across all business segments to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM since the first release of the product in 2003. Whether you are deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the first time or you have many years of experience, our unique insights can help you achieve your objectives. Let our experienced team assist you in transitioning successfully through the three stages of CRM empowerment.

In today’s competitive environment, businesses of all sizes have to know what their most successful relationships look like. They need to maintain rich profiles of current and future clients as well as provide access to this information for anyone in the organization.

Aspect Enterprise CRM and xRM services are offered in six functional categories so that regardless of where you are on your CRM journey, you have the specialized assistance you need to achieve your CRM objectives.

  • Creating a master profile record for each key relationship
  • Integrating with communication tools
  • User interfaces
  • Mobile enablement
  • Process automation
  • Web self service
  • xRM rapid application development